Greatest Game Experience!

General Rates.

XP: x100 / SP: x45 / Adena: x45

(all adena is divided by 100/all shops prices too) Server: Full Official C6 server- with custom modifications Gameplay: l2Avellan weapons - jewels, Buffs 1 hour, No class change quests..

AIO NPC Buffers.

In every important town, we have placed out AIO NPC Buffers. The buffs last for 1 hour and they are free of charge...

New character:

When you create a new character you will spawn in the basement of Giran Town and you will have all the needed items to be able to start playing. You can take buffs from the AIO NPC Buffer and you are good to go..

Enchant Rates:

Enchant Rates are 60% Normal Weapons

For Armor is 30%



S Weapons & SA

There is several ways of getting S Grade Weapons.

You can either kill Raidbosses or you can farm Fire Blessing.

All Raidbosses drop S Grade Weapons with special ability.

One place, of several, to farm Fire Blessings is Elven Ruins.

You need 300 Fire Blessings and some adena to buy a S Grade Weapon from the Blessing Manager.

Special Abilities on S-grade armor you can find them on Blessing manager on special abilities section.

Apella Armor

At L2Avellan you can get Apella armor as a Main Armor from the beginning. There is no S-grade armor in the game...You can find the Apella Armor on Blessing Manager.

Dynasty Advanced Armory

In order to get Dynasty Advantage Armor you have to Craft with simple materials that you can find them on farming zones

Nobless System

You need 4 crowns which can be dropped from:

- Death Lord Hallate (Black Crown)

- Kernon (Gold Crown)

- Longhorn Golkonda (Red Crown)

- Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Silver Crown)

Now, once you have collected those 4 Crowns. You go to Aden Castle Town, and walk up the stairs, toward the church and talk to our Noblesse Manager named Eddy Wally.

Olympiad Games

Olympiad time: 19:00-20:00 GMT+2

Olympiad period: 7 days (Weekly)

Olympiad is non class based.

A Grade Items

No limit enchant

Boosted Hero Weapons

L2Avellan Skills & Classes

Bishops/Prophet: Added Extra Level on the skills (self buffs Only)
Dancer/songer: Dance/songs Added High level skills (self buffs Only)
Silence Saint: Added Extra skill to recover CP ( this is for all