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Please you full update via updater so everything are ready to join the server!

** Please DO NOT TRY to login with any kind of bot program ( Andrenaline, l2tower, etc) because the
ban is 1 day!

You can use the old accounts to login


Download Updater

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Opening at 21:00 GMT+3 TODAY!

Hello, so the Opening will take place at 21:00 GMT+3.

Armory changed , from now on you can buy 75% S grade Armors and the next step will be 100%.

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Hello community

We've decided after many hours of conversation with L2Avellan staff to wipe the server!

Q: Why to wipe the server? He is just fine!
A: The wipe will take part in order to make a fresh start with all problems fixed (for example Antibot system,fixed balance ), all the rest are working fine.

Q: And you will wipe the server for this reason?
A: The wipe will take part for these reasons:
i) All people are whinning for Bots
ii)More L2GOLD players will join server after the wipe even these that NEVER believed in L2Avellan!

Q: And what will be new after wipe? We get bored of the same things always!
A: We have some ideas that with your help we will evolve them to even better. To make apella will be easier ( Draconic 55%-75%-100% )

About people that supported our server with donations, they will retain the same items after the wipe based the old database that we kept...
These items will be reclaimed after a little chronical period when we will see that a good amount of players logged and play in the server.
ONLY then you will reclaim the donated items!

The server will close 7th of the month for 3 days... In this period we will have some days every week Open Beta in order to :
i) make a new rebuilding of Olympiad, with 15-20 players capable in knowledge to help us in this!
ii) to fix rates on drop, spoil, rb's, enchant e.t.c.
iii) to full test all ingame actions.
iv) to full test skills and include skills c6 with balance in server!
v) to make rebirths changeable and sublcass!
vi) and last but not least to include new gold style things and upgrade the server's experience!
vii)Auto events every 2 hours ( Fuction event, TvT Event, Death match, Last man standing, Korean Style, CTF)

We believe that with this way we will create the gold style server that you all will want and play since 8 years now!

We thank you very much for your support!

Soon L2Avellan will be online and better than ever!

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ANTIBOT system 05/05/2029

We just updated our server with our new antibot system ! So nobots ...,

***A simple advice is that dont use it because Antibot will give 1 hourban for the first attempt then the second one 2 hours and so on!

make full update Via updater before you enter the game !

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27/04/2020 -

- From now on we cant heal giants anymore.
- Incresed the chance of magic critical to Mages
- increased the chance of dropenria on vampire walords + Giants

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