to our Server!
We are proud to announce that there will be a new l2avellan server in January 2017.
Greatest Game Experience!
Class balance to offer our players the best Lineage 2 Experience. Stable economy, constantly working on achieving the highest level of balance.
Rate: x45 - Chronicle: Interlude DDoS Protection - Anti-Bot System Powerfull Dedicate Server

News & Announcements

The Final Date is here (Grand Opening)
10.20.16 08:49

Hello guys,

So, The Grand Opening will be January 2017 & this is better for you and for us to make a Stong Opening with high online players. The Next week we will post our last Update and maybe we will let you join for some days our Close Beta.

Stay tuned


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Grand Opening and Changes
06.29.16 09:34

Hello Community,

We've decided after many hours of conversation with L2Avellan staff + our New Team to Open the Server September-October.

Q: Why you Wiped the server?
A: The wipe will take part for these reasons:
   i)  low activity
   ii)More L2GOLD players will join server after the wipe even these that NEVER believed in L2Avellan!

Q: And what will be new after wipe? We get bored of the same things always!
A: We have some ideas that with your help we will evolve them to even better.

In this period we will have some days every week Open Beta in order to :
i)  to fix rates on drop, spoil, rb's, enchant e.t.c.
ii) to full test all ingame actions.
iii)  to full test skills and include skills c6 with balance in server! ( almost ready )
iv)  and last but not least to include new gold style things and upgrade the server's experience!

We believe that with this way we will create the gold style server that you all will want and play since 8 years now!

We thank you very much for your support! This Time will be without any Wipe and Full support for Events!

Soon L2Avellan will be online and better than ever!

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Next Update & Changes
04.30.16 17:46

Hello guys,

So, This week we're working to change a bit the Game Play...What i mean? L2Avellan was not a Solo Style - so, we will give a chance to the people that wants to play alone!
This gonna improve the / PvPs / PVE / and the whole Game.

Thanks in advance @Strix
The New Admin and the GMs & GM Events we will announce soon...

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News, Opening & Changes about the new server...
01.07.16 10:35

Hello and welcome again to our server...

So, we decide to open one more server based on l2gold but NOT l2gold server...We made a deal with a good Project that they will bring us 3.000+++ players on the Opening Plus the l2Gold Community (400-600)...Most players will be from Russia+lithuania!
The Second Admin will be announced soon and the GMs for this Project...

The Following Changes will be:


  1. L2Avellan Weapons ( Replaced with other Retail weapons)


  1. New Weapons Dropped from RaidBosses
  2. Most Raidbosses are Chaotic Zones.
  3. Totally New Materials on the server ( Forget the Old they will not have any Clue )
  4. Retail Olympiad System
  5. Hero Every week
  6. L2Avellan Jewels NOT removed.
  7. SubClass system Fixed Version (like Old avellan)
  8. New Areas for level up.

    The Topic will be updated every Day with new Things
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Grand Opening SOON

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